Suzuki LTR 450 Billet Steering Stem Bushings

LTR 450 billet steering stem bushings CNC machine process from solid billet to final. This billet bushing stops the excess movement in the stock plastic bushing. This bushing improves steering feel.

THE BEST NO SCRUBBING ATV Dirtbike Radiator cleaning Suzuki LTR 450

Here is how I clean my radiators on my quads. I did one off the LTR so you can see how it works better. But this method works on the quad just as well. i used nu-calgon brand NU-BRITE coil and condenser cleaner. I also do this on my cars and trucks to keep the a/c and radiator working 100%

Wimmer team Suzuki LTR 450

Dustin Wimmer team Suzuki LTR 450 first start. It had these doug gust plastics but since sold and put the genuine Wimmer plastics back on. Reason first start took so many kicks had to prime the entire fuel injection system. Clutch adjustment was way off because bike had wrong pressure plate in it. Once it was swapped for correct one had perfect clutch feel.